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Stretch film engineered for air circulation and superior holding force.

Ideal for many applications

Regular stretch film blocks air from circulating around your product which can create a heat or moisture barrier. AirFlow vented stretch film accelerates freezing, cooling, off-gassing, heat and moisture dissipation making it ideal for many applications.


  • Strong enough to secure and protect your precious cargo.
  • Works on all pallet wrap machines or hand wrapping applications.
  • Multiple formats to suit your operation. 100% recyclable.
  • Locally manufactured and distributed so you get quality product, quickly.
  • Low minimums.

But it has holes. Is it strong enough?

Yes! AirFlow vented stretch film is engineered with ultra-strong bands that reinforce the holes offering a superior holding force compared to traditional stretch films.

How to select your AirFlow?

Success story – Food Processor


A large egg farming operation was using regular stretch film to secure their egg pallets. They were experiencing egg spoilage and carton damage because their pallet wrap was not allowing for sufficient cooling and drying of the washed eggs.


AirFlow vented stretch film was designed to work with customer machine specs and immediately improved air circulation and moisture release.


Elimination of mold and mildew. Reduction of spoilage and carton damage.

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